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Top 5 Printers for Business

The era of the paperless office is declared year after year, yet printers remain as vital a part of the office as ever. As new models continue to become more versatile, more efficient and more cost effective, there has never

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Our Favourite Business Laptops

It can be difficult to say what distinguishes a good business laptop from the rest of the the crowd. Many laptops are now available that seem to do everything a business laptop might need and for a very reasonable price.

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Our Favourite 2-in-1 Laptops

A 2-in-1, hybrid or convertible laptop is essentially a Laptop PC that can convert into a tablet, usually by detaching from a keyboard dock. Essentially this gives the user all the benefits and versatility of a tablet and a laptop

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Top 5 Computer Security Habits

Operating systems have gotten pretty good at preventing viruses and other unwanted activity on your computer. The more visible sources of unwanted activity on our computers have also diminished a lot such as excessive pop ups and forged websites. This

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5 Features to Look for in a New Laptop that Make a Difference

Before we even start looking at different models of laptop most of us start out with a few basic features that determine what type of computer we will get. Budget will usually be the primary factor but we might decide

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Top Tech Predictions for 2015

At the end of the 19th Century Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, predicted the invention of television but thought we would have to wait another thousand years to watch it. In reality it was just a

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Don’t Be Afraid. Build Your Own PC

Many people see building a PC as something they will simply never be able to do. It can seem intimidating and it is understandable that many would assume you need specialised training or even a degree in computer science. Really

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