Top 5 Printers for Business

The era of the paperless office is declared year after year, yet printers remain as vital a part of the office as ever. As new models continue to become more versatile, more efficient and more cost effective, there has never been a better time to upgrade the office printer.

Such a diversity of printer types means that whatever the requirements of your particular office there is a printer suited to those needs. Here we list the best printers from five different categories.

Budget Laser Colour

Samsung CLP-365Samsung CLP-365

Laser printers are no longer an option reserved only for businesses with high level printing requirements and large expense accounts. High quality laser printing is available in a number of cost effective models.

The Samsung CLP-365 provides vivid 2400 x 600 dpi printing in a compact design. The CLP-365 also enables users to print wirelessly, directly from a range of devices including mobile.

High-end Multifunction

HP LaserJet M521HP LaserJet M521

For larger offices that need high volume and consistent quality the HP LaserJet is an ideal solution. It uses 265MB of memory that enable it to queue up a large number of jobs at once. At peak speeds the M521 produces 40ppm and offers double sided printing options to save on paper.

Copying, scanning and faxing can all be handled from the M521’s intuitive LCD touchscreen display.

Workhorse Multifunction

Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640Epson Workforce Pro WF-4640

Some offices need a robust, reliable multifunction printer that can cover all of their printing requirements, day-in day-out without breaking the bank. Epson’s Workforce Pro WF-4640 is well suited to a small office set up with rigorous, consistent printing requirements. The printer’s substantial speed of 20ppm does not result in any loss of quality for print jobs.

It is also designed for a high workload, with a duty cycle of 30,000 pages per month. A tray capacity of 580 sheets saves workers from regular paper reloading.

Large format

HP DesignJet T520HP DesignJet T520

For architectural firms and design companies a large format printer is often a necessity. However it is no small expense and choosing the right model calls for appropriate consideration. The DesignJet T520 provides printing up to 36″ across and at high resolution as high as 2400 dpi.

1GB of RAM allows for large, complicated designs to be processed quickly and efficiently. Built in wireless technology enables printing from anywhere in the office as well as from mobile devices including Apple and Android enabled smartphones.


Canon Pixma iP110Canon Pixma iP110

The convenience of digital photography means more pictures are taken than ever. At the same time, fewer of these are ending up as actual physical pictures that we can hold, put in albums and show to others. Modern photo quality printers have become very affordable and convenient, giving users the opportunity to produce high quality glossy print outs of the many memories stored on their phones.

Canon’s Pixma iP110 comes in a compact format that produces stunning quality photo print outs at a very reasonable price point. It offers an incredible 9,600 dpi level of quality and can print from any device as well as the cloud.

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Our Favourite Business Laptops

It can be difficult to say what distinguishes a good business laptop from the rest of the the crowd. Many laptops are now available that seem to do everything a business laptop might need and for a very reasonable price.

However a few months down the line when that inexpensive purchase begins to shudder under the strain of near constant daily use is when the difference shows. With several programs running at once important communication services like VOIP need to run seamlessly without having to close down other applications, all on a daily basis, all without the laptop losing performance over time.

A real business laptop needs to do more than just open emails and run word processing software. It needs to be robust, to be able to endure constant use and abuse. It needs to be light and portable without being fragile or flimsy. It also needs to continue to run almost as new even after months or years of continual running. No one wants to have to transfer all of their data and settings to a new laptop every few months just because the old one has slowed to a crawl.

We have compiled a list of  laptops that we think have the qualities needed to be a top business laptop.

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Our Favourite 2-in-1 Laptops

A 2-in-1, hybrid or convertible laptop is essentially a Laptop PC that can convert into a tablet, usually by detaching from a keyboard dock. Essentially this gives the user all the benefits and versatility of a tablet and a laptop in a single device.

A tablet is ideal for casual surfing of the internet, watching streamed movies online, giving dynamic presentations, demonstrating products to clients and a host of other unique tasks.

However when it comes to typing, word processing and other more practical tasks the touch screen interface can be a hindrance. This may change in the future as developers find more inventive ways to use the tablet interface but for now a keyboard and touchpad are much more efficient for these tasks.

One of the core advantages a 2-in-1 laptop has over simply purchasing a tablet with a peripheral keyboard is that the detachable keyboard dock of a 2-in-1 typically provides additional battery power, storage and other benefits.

Here are four of our favourite 2-in-1 laptops.

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Top 5 Computer Security Habits

Operating systems have gotten pretty good at preventing viruses and other unwanted activity on your computer. The more visible sources of unwanted activity on our computers have also diminished a lot such as excessive pop ups and forged websites. This is mostly due to smarter web browsers and better indexing of websites.

While it is great that we no longer have to suffer from constant web spam and viruses at every corner it does mean that we tend to let our guard down a little more. This is a problem as there are still plenty of ways in which you system can be compromised. Most are sophisticated compared to the relatively primitive attacks of the internet’s early days. They also tend to be far more intrusive, aimed at gathering personal information rather than simply damaging your computer.

The best way to keep yourself secure is to develop good computer security habits. Here are five of the most important you should develop to keep your computer safe.


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5 Features to Look for in a New Laptop that Make a Difference

Before we even start looking at different models of laptop most of us start out with a few basic features that determine what type of computer we will get. Budget will usually be the primary factor but we might decide that a high resolution monitor and a large hard drive are critical and make a shortlist of laptops with those features.

Lenovo Think Pad

So beyond those key specs what are the features that make the difference between the laptops on our shortlist? When it comes to day to day usability and long term reliability these are the features you want to look out for:

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Top Tech Predictions for 2015

At the end of the 19th Century Jules Verne, author of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, predicted the invention of television but thought we would have to wait another thousand years to watch it. In reality it was just a little over 50 years before many were watching television from the comfort of their own homes.

Most of big technological changes come out of the blue or are developed a lot faster than expected. Technologies like the internet that completely change society are almost impossible to predict. Easier to gauge are the technologies that have been building in importance and are set to establish themselves in the near future.

Here are our top predictions for technologies set to become influential in 2015…

Image Credit:”Lost in Space Jonathan Harris & Robot 1967” by CBS Television. – eBay item photo front photo back. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.


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Don’t Be Afraid. Build Your Own PC

Many people see building a PC as something they will simply never be able to do. It can seem intimidating and it is understandable that many would assume you need specialised training or even a degree in computer science. Really it is a lot easier than you might imagine.

Modern computer components are designed to fit together in an almost fool-proof manner. With access to endless resources on the internet it’s easy to figure out how to do it yourself. Building your own PC is a very rewarding process and at the end of it you have a PC that you built yourself, designed to your needs.

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